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Residence: Nashville, TN.

Origin: LanSING, MI.


Years Active: 2008 - Present

Website: francesbennigan.com

Since 1990 at the age of 3 I have had the urge to sing. I have performed in several choirs, musical theater, taken acting, photography, film making and audio engineering courses. I was the band leader and lead singer of the blues/soul/funk/rock

group called, 'Past Lives Reunion'. I had the pleasure of teaching numerous students of all ages voice, songwriting, performance, and guitar at Guitar Center. 

Since writing my first song "My Fallen Star" in 2008 I have been performing publicly 

across the United States and facilitated music as therapy for the elderly, disabled, and at-risk youth. 

I moved to Nashville, Tennessee in June of 2019 to continue to hone my craft.

November 4th, 2019 I became an Affiliate of Twitch Tv. Follow the link below to be notified when I am performing LIVE!


My record, 'With Love, Frannie' is out now. My record 'Strings' is coming along- I cannot wait to share the Love! Follow me on social media to experience the process!

Have a blessed day :)


Frannie <3

Hooray for boundaries!

Free Now.